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How long does a furnace typically last in Wisconsin?

A furnace can last you about 12-14 years in Wisconsin. This number could decrease dramatically without proper maintenance or repairs.

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How long does a boiler last in Wisconsin?

A boiler can last much longer than a forced-air heating system, about 20-25 years.

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How long should a heat pump last in Wisconsin?

A heat pump can last 12-15 years with routine maintenance.

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How often should I be changing my furnace filter?

You should change your air filter every 1-3 months for maximum efficiency and comfort.

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How often do I need to clean my air ducts?

Your air ducts should be cleaned every 5-7 years.

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What does a zone control system do?

A zone control system conditions specific areas of your home without wasting energy. These are especially effective in homes with cold or hot spots. By shifting the pressure and temperature in your air ducts, you can achieve a more even comfort experience in your home.

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What type of water heater is best for me?

This depends on your specific efficiency needs. Tank water heaters are some of the most affordable models on the market, while on demand water heaters are more efficient and last longer. Work with our team of experts to figure out which system would fit with your home.

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How do I know if I have air duct issues?

Your home might have air duct issues if you detect uneven temperatures, loud air flow noises, or poor air quality. Even only one of these symptoms could be a sign of serious problems.

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What does your tune-up include?

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