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Special HVAC Issues in Milton, WI

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24Hr Home Comfort Services has some of the best-trained technicians in the industry. We not only invest in extra training for them, but also in the finest equipment. This allows them to tackle special HVAC issues for our customers that other HVAC contractors don’t handle. You can trust us for whatever you require when it comes to your home’s heating and cooling needs.

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We can help your HVAC system with the installation of a ceiling saver kit, a hard start kit, remote monitoring devices, surge suppressors, and more. Below you’ll find a list of many of these special HVAC services and devices we offer.

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Ceiling Saver Kit

Along with cooling the air, an AC also dehumidifies a space and drains away airborne water moisture. If your air conditioner is located in your attic, possible moisture leaks from clogs can cause condensation overflow onto the ceiling. You don’t want to pay the high cost to replace your ceiling and we have a way to prevent it: a ceiling saving kit.

This kit catches potential condensate leaks in a custom fabricated pan with a separate drain line. We install a special safety switch with the kit that will turn off your AC to stop more condensation overflow. You’ll know to call us for air conditioning repair service before your ceiling suffers any damage.

Condensate Drainage

High-efficiency furnaces, air conditioner evaporator coils, and flow-through humidifiers all create condensation or wastewater. We install condensate pumps to help the transfer of this wastewater to a proper drain.

Hard Start Kit

A hard start kit assists with the compressor in an AC or heat pump at startup. If your inside air conditioning coil is more than 50 feet from the outside condensing unit, you’ll likely need a hard start kit to help the compressor. The hard start kit provides additional energy when an AC/heat pump needs it the most and it can extend compressor life and save you from an early replacement or expensive repair.

Remote Monitoring Devices

We have systems available that will monitor your HVAC system 24/7/365, protecting your home when you’re not there. These are ideal for vacation homes or for people who travel frequently. This technology will make your life easier.

Surge Suppressors

During summer, utility companies often reduce their electrical output to conserve energy, which is called a brown out. These reductions can damage your appliances–your AC in particular–because they’re designed to work at a specific amount of power. When that power drops, they must work harder. We can install a dedicated surge suppressor to protect your home.

Time Delay Relay

Using this special device, we can significantly reduce the strain on your AC. The time delay relay stops your air conditioning system from turning on and off too often, lowering wear on the unit. No matter how often you adjust the thermostat temperature or its fan settings, you won’t overheat the compressor: the device delays system activation for 3–5 minutes after the thermostat changes. This is a great option for households with kids who love to play with the thermostat.

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