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Power Vent Water Heaters in Milton, WI

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Most water heaters are direct vent models, sending the exhaust gases from combustion through the vent chimney of a home. There’s an alternative type, the power vent water heater, and you may want to consider one for your home in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois. Let 24Hr Home Comfort Services handle the installation as well as any other service you need for a power vent water heater.

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  • Combustion and Carbon Monoxide certified through the National Comfort Institute

We value the trust our customers place in us, which is why we take our job seriously. We do more than provide you with quality water heater service: we provide you with peace of mind. Rely on us as your home comfort champions.

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Power Vent Water Heater Installation

The main difference with a power vent water heater compared to a direct vent one is that a power vent water heater has an added blower to push out the exhaust gas from the combustion process through a horizontal pipe. The exhaust gas doesn’t passively rise through a vertical chimney. The benefits of a power vent water heater are that it can be located almost anywhere, not just in a place where it has vent access, and it has less chance of experiencing backdraft. This makes power vent water heaters longer-lived and also safer.

Power Vent Water Heater Repair

The added blower fan in a vented water heater can potentially break down and cause the water heater to shut off as a safety precaution. If you run into this problem or any other issue with your water heater, call our technicians and they’ll see you get the needed repairs.

Power Vent Water Heater Replacement

Ready to replace your vented water heater? Then trust 24Hr Home Comfort Services in Milton, WI, where we have the experience necessary to see that the new installation gets done right.

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