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Get Ready for Your AC Installation


Air conditioning installation is pretty straightforward. At least, we think so… but we do it every day! If you’ve got an appointment to have a new AC system installed, it might not seem quite as straightforward to you. You might not have had this done in more than a decade, if ever! So it’s understandable if you’ve got some questions.

Will modifications need to be made to your home to allow for this installation? What will the process be like? How long will it take to get your old air conditioner out and your new one up and running? What can you do to make things go as smoothly as possible, so your AC installation is quick and simple? We’ve got answers for you.

The Complexity of the Installation

If you’ve had your home assessed by your AC installation contractor in order to choose the correct system and make an installation plan, they will have told you if major modifications are required. This could be the case if you’ve never had a central air system before, for example, or if the existing ductwork in your home is in such bad shape that it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the installation should be fairly simple.

The Process of AC Installation

Before getting started on the actual process, your installers will get the lay of the land, making sure they know exactly where everything is and what they’re dealing with. They’ll also prepare the space, so they can do what’s needed without leaving you with damage or mess in your home. And they’ll communicate the plan clearly to you.

The old units, both indoor and out, will need to be disconnected and moved out of position. The new units will need to be brought in, precisely positioned, and connected. Once this is done, your installers will allow the system to run for a bit, making sure that everything is working exactly as it should. They’ll show you how it works, give you the owner’s manual, answer any questions, and tidy up.

How Long AC Installation Takes

In an ideal case, it’s possible for the whole thing to be done in as little as four hours, but don’t count on it! Make sure you’ve got the whole day free, as eight-hour installations are also within the realm of possibility. But unless your home requires any of those major modifications we mentioned above, the whole job will be done in a single day.

How to Prepare Your Home for AC Installation

Clearing the way for your installers will save them time and bother, making your installation faster and easier. Make sure there’s plenty of room to move both the indoor and outdoor units to and from the work truck and room to work in the areas around the units. Trimming back any plants that are very close to the outdoor unit is a good plan. Then shut your pets in another part of the house to keep them safe, and you’re ready!

If you have any other questions about air conditioning installation in Madison, WI that we haven’t answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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