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It’s Never Too Late for a Tune-Up


Winter’s been going on for quite a while now. It might almost be hard to remember just what summer was like… that mythical time when we could run outdoors in whatever we were wearing, with no need for coats and boots. Does that mean that if you forgot to have heating maintenance done earlier, you should just skip it until next fall? Not at all! It’s never too late for a tune-up.

There are a lot of benefits to having heating maintenance done. And there are still a good number of days left in the winter and spring when you’ll need to run your heat. Why not start enjoying those benefits right away? Here’s what you’ll have to look forward to when you get your heating maintenance in Beaver Dam, WI.

Improved Efficiency

Over the course of a year (or more) of hard work heating a home in our climate, a lot of things happen inside your heating system. Dust accumulates. Lubrication wears away. Things can get slightly out of alignment. And all those things can add to friction within the system, making it work harder to accomplish the same job. Each year, the efficiency will drop by about 5%—driving your bills up—unless you have maintenance done.

Maximized Effectiveness

One of the most frustrating issues with a heating system is inconsistent or uneven heat. Inconsistent heat, fluctuating too widely in temperature so your home gets too chilly before it starts to warm up again, can be caused by problems like a miscalibrated thermostat. Uneven heat, with some parts of your home being toasty while others stay chilled, can be caused by short cycling or other problems.

Being diligent about having your heating maintenance done will help avoid these issues, so your heat will be consistent and even. Keeping good air circulation by cleaning the system and checking and (if necessary) recalibrating your thermostat are routine steps in maintenance.

Fewer Repair Needs

By reducing friction (and thus reducing wear and tear) the strain on the system will be lowered after maintenance. Also, if something is slightly out of place or starting to experience a minor issue, your technician can catch it during maintenance and prevent it from becoming an actual problem. This means that, after maintenance, your likelihood of needing heating repair is reduced by about 85%!

Longer System Life

A furnace will only reach its 10-15-year lifespan if it receives regular maintenance. When maintenance is only occasional, the system simply won’t be able to keep chugging along for as many years. And if you never have heating maintenance done, you’ll be cutting that lifespan dramatically, perhaps in half! You don’t want to replace a heating system you’ve only had for 7-10 years, so make sure you get that maintenance done.

Don’t put it off any longer! We’re ready to help you enjoy all these benefits.

You can always count on 24Hr Home Comfort Services, your heating and cooling specialists.

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