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Swap Out Your AC for a Heat Pump


It’s starting to heat up out there. Are you prepared for another summer of trying to keep your home cool? How is your air conditioner doing? If you’re not delighted with how well it’s performing, or if it needs costly AC repair that might not be worth investing in, spring is the perfect time to get that air conditioner replaced. But what should you replace it with?

There are many reasons to consider getting a heat pump in Janesville, WI this time, rather than a traditional air conditioner. If you’re not familiar with heat pumps, you might not be sure why it would be such a good choice. We’ll explain some of the major benefits of heat pumps. Once you know more about them, you might decide it’s a great idea to replace your AC with a heat pump!


If you’ve had your air conditioner for several years, or perhaps more than a decade, your efficiency problem isn’t just that old air conditioners are less efficient. That model was less efficient when it was brand-new than today’s models are, and that’s especially true of heat pumps. 

Cooling and Heating

The truly amazing thing about a heat pump is that it’s reversible. This means it can provide heat as well as taking heat away! New models work even better than those of the past and are a good heating option for even more homes and climates. With a two-in-one heat pump, you stand to save a lot of money on your utility bills.

Heating systems like furnaces and boilers have to generate heat. This uses a ton of energy! But since heat pumps only move heat from one place to another, they use dramatically less energy. You can have greater comfort at a lower cost.


Perhaps your home doesn’t have any ductwork. Many older homes don’t. This probably means you’ve been relying on window units for your air conditioning. Heat pumps can work with ductwork, but they don’t require it! Ductless systems are simpler, faster, and less costly to install than ductwork, and they have even greater benefits in terms of high efficiency.

Heat Pump Incentives

If you choose a heat pump instead of a traditional air conditioner, you’ll save money when your electric bills arrive. But you’ll save even more than that! The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will provide a big reduction to the amount you’ll have to pay for your heat pump. This legislation aims to reduce America’s energy costs and increase green energy production and jobs in that field.

The way you’ll benefit directly if you choose a heat pump is through a HEEHRA rebate. Depending on your household income, you could save up to $8,000 on a new heat pump. This means that an air conditioner would be the more costly choice, and a heat pump would be significantly more affordable. You might even be able to cash in on state rebates as well!

We’d be delighted to help you sort through your options and benefits for a heat pump so you get the best possible deal on the system you’ll be happiest with.

You can always count on 24-Hour Home Comfort Services, your heating and cooling specialists.

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