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Where Heat Pump Technology Can Help You

Heat pumps aren’t just home heating systems. They work in various different ways throughout our homes to help us. The more we understand how this technology works, the better off homeowners might be at finding ways to use it for better efficiency and home comfort.

Here’s a fun fact–did you know that your refrigerator is a heat pump? It’s a small heat pump that works to pump heat out of your refrigerator, keeping everything inside of it cold. Your freezer works almost identically as well. The smaller the space is, the more efficiently and powerfully the cooling effect can be.

When it comes to home comfort, customers have so many options to use heat pump technology. Sure, you could invest in a heat pump system to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, but you can also focus on a heat pump water heater in Milton, WI to have efficient hot water for your home needs.

Heat Pump for Home Comfort

Let’s first talk about arguably the most expensive type of heat pump you could invest in–the standard home heat pump. These units are designed similarly to central air conditioners with the intent of treating all of the air inside of your home, but with one major exception–it can both heat and cool your home.

This means that many homeowners are forgoing the installation of a standard furnace or central air conditioner to instead purchase a 2-in-1 heat pump that can do everything.

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly more affordable and energy efficient, meaning they’re the best choice for a lot of our customers. Work with a licensed professional today to see if your home might benefit from a heat pump installation for home comfort.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Traditional water heaters would use gas or electricity to create heat that then warms the water in a tank. Some homeowners even opt for tankless water heaters that just superheat the water as it enters your home. All of these options are sufficient for home water heating, but none of them come close to the efficiency of a heat pump water heater.

These systems simply use the ambient heat energy within your home to heat the water inside of a tank. Just like a refrigerator keeps a small area cold, a heat pump water heater keeps a large tank of water hot with just the heat that’s already in your home.

This is great because that heat might be in an area of your house where it’s not being felt by anyone in it. This excess thermal energy can basically be recycled by the heat pump water heater to keep your water warm and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Better Efficiency and Savings

Heat pump water heaters and home HVAC systems rely on electricity to run. This means that, depending on your local energy costs, things could become increasingly affordable over time. Heat pumps use relatively less energy than other electric heating systems, and they’re only getting more efficient with time.

If your home invests in solar panels or other home electrical upgrades to reduce energy waste and produce electricity, you could essentially cut your hot water and home heating costs by a substantial amount!

Get started today by working with the pros at 24Hr Home Comfort Services, Your Heating and Cooling Specialists.

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