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Fall Update: Three Cool Furnace Facts

Furnaces are the most common heating system in America, but it’s amazing how little some furnace owners might know about these systems. Each one is going to look and feel different in a home, depending on how old they are and how they work, but there are some general rules about how your furnace operates.

For instance, did you know that furnaces can sometimes have a water pump built into them to move condensate? Or that they often operate with the use of electricity, even when they’re designed to burn gas? These are facts that might not be very intuitive but they could provide crucial in a moment where you think there’s something wrong.

The more you know about your gas furnace, the more likely you’ll be able to detect the need for furnace repair in Milton, WI, and call for professional help. Then, we can take it from there.

Facts Can Be Fun!

Facts might have a bad reputation for being found in old school textbooks and during sleepy lessons–but not here! We’re going to be fast, and the best part about these facts is that they could save you money when something goes wrong.

So, let’s get right to it.

1. The Need for a Water Pump

Yes, some furnaces have a water pump, but the purpose of this pump might be different from what you’re thinking.

The act of burning natural gas inside of your furnace creates some byproducts like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, smoke, and yes–water vapors. All of these materials need to be vented out of your house through the port exhaust. The problem is that water will condense as it enters the exhaust vent due to it being a lot cooler than it was inside of your furnace.

If water starts to condense in your exhaust vent and drop down due to gravity, sometimes a pump is necessary to remove the last few bits of water so that your furnace can continue functioning as normal.

2. Electrical Ignition

Many of our customers think that just because they have a gas furnace means they don’t need any electricity, but that’s not really true.

In the old days, gas furnaces used a thing called a pilot light which was a standing flame that could be used to ignite the furnace and get things heated up. Those are incredibly inefficient, however.

Now, most furnaces use electrical ignition systems that are more efficient and more reliable. But they do require a tiny bit of electricity.

3. A Basement That’s Too Cold

What if the basement where your furnace is operated gets too cold? How does the system stop from freezing up on those exceptionally chilly days? Well, the solution might be a bit simpler than you think.

Some technicians can create a hole in the exiting ductwork where a tiny bit of heat can slip out into the general area of the furnace. This heat is just enough to warm the air around the furnace to keep it from freezing up, but it’s not so much that it will increase your heating bills or make your home feel less comfortable.

It’s time to contact Your Heating and Cooling Specialists by scheduling a repair with 24Hr Home Comfort Services.

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