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It’s Time to Check On Your Heater

Here in Wisconsin, we go through every season. We just had a very hot summer, but the tides are changing and soon we will likely have a pretty cold winter. This means that every home needs to be equipped with a heating system that’s going to keep it warm, comfy, and efficient. Our team can help with that.

First, before you do anything else to your home or heating system, try turning it on. It’s likely been dormant all summer long (except for some chilly nights), and it might need to run a little bit before you get a sense of the condition that it’s in.

This blog post will look at some of the signs that you might require heating repairs in Milton, WI. But the most important thing that we urge our customers to do at this time of year is to pay attention. Your heater will likely show you when it’s got a problem.

Strange Noises or Rumblings

When you first turn on your heating system this year, you might hear some noises. Sometimes this can just be due to the fact that we’re not used to the regular sounds of a heating system running (since it’s been a few months since we heard those noises last).

But loud or uncomfortable noises, like rattling or rumbling, should be taken as a sign that you need professional help.

Foul Odors or Smoke

When a furnace turns on for the first time in a season, it’s going to smell a little strange. This is usually due to the furnace burning away dust that has collected over the summer. But once this is done, it shouldn’t smell like anything at all.

Any signs of foul odors like gas, smoke, or even the hint of carbon monoxide, shut the system down and call for repairs.

Tripped Circuits

All heating systems require at least minor access to an electrical grid. If you’re dealing with tripped circuits in your home, that could equate to a heating problem. Our technicians can help you with this kind of issue.

It’s Too Cold

Is your heating system running but it’s not working well enough? This could be a cause for concern. Think about if you added any sections onto your house this year, or if you’re heating any additional space. You might need a replacement if repairs don’t cut it.

The System Won’t Turn On At All

Uh oh, this is a big problem. How is your home supposed to stay warm for the holidays if the heater can’t run at all?

This is a particularly bad issue because we can’t necessarily diagnose it online. There could be a variety of different reasons as to why your system won’t function at all, but all of them require professional repairs at the end of the day. The good news is that you now have a reason to call our team, and the options ahead should be relatively clear.

Don’t worry, if your system doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, we can always replace it with one that will. A replacement can be a great option for a home that is ready to upgrade to more efficient or powerful heating technology.

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