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3 Levels of Air Purification

Air purifiers are a hot new piece of equipment that everyone wants to get their hands on these days. Not only have people become more aware of air quality since the COVID pandemic and the recent wildfires, but many customers are just beginning to discover ways to fight against bad air quality.

There are powerful tools out there that can do an amazing job at stopping contaminants in their tracks. Air purifiers in Milton, WI, the devices we’ll be focusing on today, are distinctly designed to eliminate biological contaminants like mold, bacteria, and viruses that circulate through your home’s atmosphere. UV air purifiers are some of the strongest systems available, boasting 3 levels of air quality support that we’ll get into.

Is your air starting to feel stuffy and uncomfortable? Do you have foul odors? Or perhaps you’re just ready for a change? Then keep reading this blog and get started with a professional IAQ appointment today.

1. Mold Protection

Mold grows anywhere that’s dark and damp. Unfortunately, homes have a lot of dark and damp corners, which makes mold such an invasive problem.

However, UV lights harness the power of the sun with ultraviolet light! These rays can make quick work of any mold spore that might be traveling through your air ducts, looking for a new place to infest.

2. Removes and Eliminates Bacteria

Bacteria is every, and it’s kind of impossible to have a home that’s 100% clear of this kind of contaminant. They’re in the soil, they’re in your bathroom, and they’re even inside of your stomach. Gut bacteria are actually essential for you to live your life comfortably.

However, most forms of bacteria are harmful and they’ll seriously impact your health. This is why a UV light is such a powerful device, since it can focus and eliminate bacteria that’s airborne in your home’s atmosphere.

Also, a UV light purifier will stop the spread of foul odors which are usually accompanied by bacteria. So consider this a win-win!

3. Stop the Spread of Viruses

UV air purifiers do something called irradiation, which is when the UV rays start messing with the DNA of a viral or bacterial cell. Basically, when this happens, it can severely impact the cell’s ability to reproduce, which is an essential component of infecting a host.

Viruses are practically dormant without having a host. If a virus enters your body, it’s initial instinct is to reproduce as quickly and effectively as possible until your body is inundated with viruses just like it. Then, either with the help of modern medicine or your own body’s white blood cells, you’ll fight off the infection, but not before it seriously impacts your life.

This is how viruses spread, but it’s also how a UV light purifier can protect you.

UV lights will irradiate viruses, causing them to stop reproducing. This means that even if you breathe them in or come in contact with them, they won’t be able to infect you and reproduce, essentially keeping you safe and comfortable.

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